Dallas Texas History Celebration


Dallas Texas History Celebration 

On March 18, the Dallas Scottish Rite sponsored its 5th annual Texas History Celebration at the Dallas Scottish Rite Cathedral. The event was co-sponsored by the Texas Historical Foundation and the Dallas Historical Society.

The event included historical artifact displays, dinner, and a program. The artifacts were provided by Jackson Armory and the Dallas Historical Society. Distinguished guests included Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, currently a member of the Board of the Texas State Historical Association, Michael Waters, Chairman of the Texas State Library and Archives Commission, and Bruce Elsom, President of the Texas Historical Foundation.

One of the rare artifacts was the watch of James W. Fannin, who was executed at Goliad (see Senator Hutchison below holding the watch).

Fannin had given his watch to a Mexican officer in exchange for a promise to bury him. The watch later was found on the battlefield at San Jacinto. It was purchased in 1962 from the Fannin family.

The program was provided by Dr. Gregg Dimmick, a medical doctor and author of Sea of Mud, the forgotten story of the Mexican Army’s retreat to Mexico after the battle of San Jacinto. An “avocational” archeologist, Dr. Dimmick brought photos and examples of the artifacts found tracing the Army’s retreat.