Scottish Rite Masons Establishing Alamo Memorial Day

Scottish Rite Masons Establishing Alamo Memorial Day

Dallas, Texas – The Texas Scottish Rite Masons are establishing an “Alamo Memorial Day” and are seeking historical and other organizations and individuals to join its efforts to obtain official state recognition for March 6th (the day the last Alamo defenders died) for the day.

The top Scottish Rite Mason in Texas, M. Douglas Adkins of Dallas, said that the Alamo properly has been designated an official Texas shrine and a United Nations’ landmark, but there is no official day for remembrance of the over 180 men who died there fighting for their freedom and our future.

Adkins said he believes it is particularly appropriate for the Texas Scottish Rite Masons to initiate these efforts inasmuch as most of the leaders of the Alamo defenders were Masons, including William Barret Travis, Jim Bowie, David Crockett, James Butler Bonham, and Almaron Dickinson. The Texas defenders of the Alamo, he said, were no less brave than the 300 Spartans who died with everlasting fame at Thermopylae over two thousand years ago.

The Dallas Scottish Rite organization established a “Texas Our Texas” day several years ago to honor and celebrate our Texas history. Adkins said these dinner celebrations are open to everyone and have included a play, speakers on Texas history, as well as displays of historical artifacts from the Texas State Archives and Museum, the Dallas Historical Society, the Texas Civil War Museum, and private collectors.

Texas already has numerous official holidays and recognition days established by the Texas Legislature, including Texas Flag Day, Texas First Responders Day, American Indian Heritage Day, Confederate Heroes Day, Influenza Awareness Day, and Texas Arbor Day. An Alamo Memorial Day to honor and remember the Alamo defenders is long overdue, said Adkins.

It is expected that the day will regularly be observed by appropriate ceremonies and activities in the public schools and other places to properly commemorate and honor the bravery and sacrifice of the Alamo defenders. Adkins said we need to make sure that bravery and patriotism don’t go out of fashion in Texas.

The Texas Historical Foundation and the Alamo Defenders Descendants Association are supporting our initiative for Alamo Memorial Day, and we will be asking our approximately 20,000 Scottish Rite Masons to do so, Adkins said. Other organizations wishing to join or support the Texas Scottish Rite in this effort should contact Marshall Doke, Chairman of the Texas Scottish Rite History Committee, at

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